21 February 2019 – Statement on the High Court Hearing IWGB vs CAC

The High Court hearing is a judicial review of a decision made by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC). 

The IWGB had applied to the CAC seeking recognition of IWGB by the University of London for collective bargaining.  

The request was made in respect of a group of workers who are not employed by the University but by Cordant Security Ltd, which is a supplier of a range of services to the University.  

The CAC decided that as the University did not employ the workers the union’s application was inadmissible.  Given that the employees have the opportunity to benefit from collective bargaining with another independent trade union under the arrangements made by their employer, Cordant, the CAC said that to allow the IWGB’s application would be “a recipe for chaotic workplace relationships”. This judgement upholds the University’s decision not to voluntarily recognise the union.  

IWGB is asking the High Court to review that decision.

The IWGB’s case is against the CAC; the University is involved in the proceedings as what is known as an “interested party”.  

The High Court will consider whether the legislation based on which the CAC made its decision correctly implements the European Convention on Human Rights.

It is expected that the judgement will be delivered months after the hearing.