25 October 2019 - FM Review Update - October

Further to the Vice-Chancellor’s statement on insourcing from 17 October 2019, I would like to share more detail on the decisions reached and the proposed timescale for implementation. 

Security: It is intended that the security staff will be brought in-house by 20 May 2020. The work to progress the bringing in-house of the cleaners and security officers is already in progress. Current contractors have been informed of the Board’s support for this work and meetings are planned to discuss the TUPE process requirements and timeline.
Cleaning: It is also our intention for the cleaners to be transferred to the University as soon as practicable after the security staff join the University. We are anticipating that this work will be completed by November 2020. 
Estates Maintenance: The Board of Trustees agreed that Estates Maintenance services should remain contracted out to a specialist supplier. These services are of a technical nature and delivered by technical staff who require specialist continuous training and management to ensure adherence to legislative compliance. The currently selected preferred partner was rigorously evaluated on their employment terms and conditions, has confirmed that all staff will be on secure contracts and will be paid well above the London Living Wage. The supplier has also committed to adopting the Government’s Good Work Plan and we will continue to engage with the preferred supplier on staffing to ensure good terms and conditions, strong people policies and evidence of fair treatment of all staff.

I would like to thank UCU and Unison for their continued support.
Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategy, Planning & Partnerships) and Director of Property & Facilities Management