31/05/2019 – FM Review update May

This month’s update covers progress in reviewing the Front of House, Security and Estates Maintenance services.

Front of House: The University brought guest services (reception, porters, postroom and AV) staff in-house. The work to implement this is now complete and front of house staff joined the Property and Facilities Management (P&FM) team on schedule on 20 May. A number of orientation meetings have been held and more are planned to ensure that staff are informed with regards to their new employment by the University.
Security: Security will continue to be delivered under a new contract that came into effect on the 20th May for a period of 1 year. During this period a new security strategy will be implemented. This will be driven by the outcomes of the Security Review which has now been completed. The outcome of the review and proposed actions will be shared and consulted upon with staff and recognised unions. It is anticipated that the consultation will launch in June and conclude by the end of September in preparation to taking a paper to Board of Trustees with recommendations in November 2019. This programme remains on schedule as previously advised.
Estates Maintenance operations: The tender for the estate maintenance services went out on the 2nd of May as planned. Tenders will be returned middle of June. Once received, an in-house cost comparator will be prepared and options will be presented for consideration by the Estates Committee and Board of Trustees as planned in October 2019.