5 February 2019 - Statement from the Vice-Chancellor on the boycott of Senate House

We want to point out a number of facts in response to repeated inaccurate and misleading claims that have been made in support of the boycott of Senate House.

  1. The University supports the principle of in-sourcing services and is already bringing front of house, portering and post room services back in-house by the end of May 2019.
  2. We have taken a staged approach to avoid unintended financial consequences for affected staff, to avoid substantial financial penalties from breaking contracts, and to assure affordability.
  3. We take our duty of care to all our staff and students extremely seriously.
  4. The University is currently operating in a financially challenging environment. The cost of moving too quickly would significantly reduce resources for key academic and other activities. We need to protect them.
  5. This is not a simple process. It involves existing contracts, detailed consultation with all staff involved and assurance about service standards. That takes time. The short timeframe demanded by some is simply undeliverable.
  6. The University will apply the same process in turn to the other externally contracted services. We expect this to be completed by 2020 at the latest.