HRH Prince Philip

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip

It is with the deepest regret we record the death of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, father of Her Royal Highness Anne The Princess Royal, Chancellor of the University of London.


Drifting through the 18th Century Louvre

Join us for an online MA taster course focusing on the history of the Louvre before it became world famous. Hosted by Dr Hannah Williams, Lecturer in the History of Art at Queen Mary University of London.

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Member institutions

We are a federal University, consisting of 17 independent member institutions. Between the member institutions we have over 120,000 students studying over 3,700 courses.

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We are international

At the University of London we have a long tradition of welcoming students and staff from the European Union and across the world.

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Coronavirus advice and FAQs

Information regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) is being regularly updated in accordance with changes in advice from the UK government. Last updated on 26 November 2020.

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Understand diplomacy in the 21st century - comprehend the global challenges of COVID-19 or climate change, migration or refugees, and how we can redress them.

A regional perspective on studying global diplomacy

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