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Academic Quality Advisory Committee

The Academic Quality Advisory Committee advises the Collegiate Council which has ultimate responsibility at University level for academic affairs.

The Committee places a strong emphasis on the promotion of enhancement through continuous improvement in quality. Their terms of reference can be viewed under Governance, Ordinances, Ordinance 6 Annex 1 [PDF]. Enhancement activity in the last two years has focused on assessment of student performance.

The Committee meets twice a year, normally in November and May. The focus of the first meeting is finalisation of the University Quality Overview Report on the basis of the annual reports submitted by each constituent member institutions of the University and its Central Academic Bodies. The second meeting is primarily a developmental session, normally led by an external expert.

The Committee is comprised of representatives of each of the constituent member institutions and the Central Academic Bodies, and thus constitutes an appropriate forum for the discussion of quality issues of common interest and for the exchange of information and good practice.

In 2010, the Committee turned its attention to European guidelines on quality assurance with a view to promoting compliance with the developing expectations of the Bologna process.

Member institutions determine whether and how best to incorporate the outcomes of any discussions into the procedures and practices of their institutions.

The Academic Quality Advisory Committee was previously known as the Quality Practitioners Forum. Collegiate Council agreed the renaming of the Committee and gave it revised terms of reference in February 2010. This followed implementation of a revised governance structure for the University from August 2008 and a consequent review of the efficacy of the University’s committee structure in the autumn of 2009.