Royal connections

Here at The University of London, we are extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with the British Monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II
Her Majesty The Queen is Visitor of the University of London

Our Chancellor is Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, who has been in post since 1981 and Her Majesty The Queen holds the position of ‘Visitor’ of The University, as well as two honorary degrees in Music and Law.

The Queen usually delegates her Visitor functions to the Lord President of the Council. One of the most important functions of the Visitor used to be within academic institutions, where the Visitor had to determine disputes arising between the institution and its members. However, in 2004 the Higher Education Act transferred the jurisdiction of Visitors over the grievances of students in English and Welsh universities to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

The Queen’s great uncle, the Earl of Athlone, was our Chancellor between 1932-1955. The association between the Royal family and the position of Chancellor has subsequently continued with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother holding the position from 1955-1980, and subsequently, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.