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Institutions Sub-Committee

The Institutions Sub-Committee discusses candidacy applications, Institution Periodic Review reports, Institution Annual Monitoring, Teaching Institution Recognition Framework life cycle and policy for institutions.

The committee meets three times each academic year, in October, January and May. These meetings are scheduled to align with the Board of the University of London International Academy meeting schedule and usually take place four weeks in advance of the Board’s meeting.

Terms of Reference of Institutions Sub-Committee

As a Sub-Committee of the Academic Committee, the Institutions Sub-Committee will oversee, recommend and resolve matters relating to institutions offering tuition support for students of the University of London International Programmes.

  1. To consider individual proposals relating to entry to the candidate phase and admission to the Teaching Institutions Recognition Framework and to make recommendations on the proposals to the Board of the University of London International Academy.
  2. To consider the annual monitoring report for candidate institutions and the annual monitoring report and the periodic review report for recognised centres and make recommendations to the Board of the University of London International Academy on their continued status.
  3. To report principal recommendations and actions to the Academic Committee.
  4. To consider suggestions from appropriate bodies with respect to useful enhancement activities which third party institutions might adopt.
  5. To interact/interface with the work of other Academic Committee Sub-Committees to ensure timely and efficient consideration of business and subsequent decision-making.
  6. Where appropriate, to offer recommendations concerning further policy developments relating to independent teaching institutions, to the Academic Committee and the Board of the University of London International Academy.