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Systems and Technologies Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee Makes recommendations and advises on the ways that technology impacts the student experience, including the learning environment and education resources. It has two student members and reports to the International Academy Academic Committee.

Terms of Reference of the Systems and Technologies Sub-Committee

  • To agree and monitor the ICT strategy and annual Information Systems (IS) operating plans, ensuring that they enable and support the strategic priorities of the international programmes.
  • To scrutinise the delivery and performance of the ICT service and systems as utilised by the International Academy.
  • To advise on improvements and innovations in the delivery of ICT services and systems.
  • To review business cases relating to projects funded from the STSC development fund and make recommendations to Academic Committee following evaluation.
  • To review the resource allocation of staff across projects and business-as-usual activities for IS activities where the resource is shared with STSC-funded projects.
  •  To prioritise, monitor and review ICT-enabled projects that are scheduled to cost more than £20k or more than 25 days of staff time.
  • To monitor developments in ICT and make recommendations relating to performance, best practice and value for money.
  • To interact/interface with the work of other Academic Committee Sub-Committees to ensure timely and efficient consideration of business and subsequent decision-making.
  • To report principal recommendations and actions to the Academic Committee.