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Board of Trustees

This is the governing body of the University, who exercise guardianship over assets and resources, ensuring their effective management, control and use.

In line with the Committee of University Chairs’ Higher Education Code of Governance, the Board of Trustees has agreed on a Statement of Primary Responsibilities. They should be read in conjunction with Statute 10 and Ordinance 1 which set out in detail the Board’s functions.

The board is made up of 17 members:

Independent members

Minutes of recent meetings

Minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees will appear here once they have been confirmed.

Please note: Some papers for consideration by the Board of Trustees/Collegiate Council, and sections of the recorded minutes, may be withheld from publication under the exemptions provided in the Freedom of Information Act 2000. A provisional exemption will be applied in the preparation of the minutes and referenced in the text. In the event of a request being made for information withheld in the published minutes, the University will take the required steps around the exemption, such as carrying out a public interest test, in making its response in accordance with the Act.