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Inclusive Practice Panel

The Inclusive Practice Panel (IPP) is responsible for the University of London Worldwide (UoLW) policies and procedures relating to inclusive practice and accessibility.

These policies aim to ensure that all students registered through the University of London Worldwide will be assessed solely on their academic merit, and that the learning resources provided to students are accessible to all.

This includes making reasonable adjustments for students with specific access requirements due to a disability or learning difficulty, a legally imposed travel restriction, students currently in prison, and students who require special examination arrangements.

The IPP receives reports on special examination arrangement requests which are considered by the Inclusive Practice Arrangements Panel. In addition, the IPP aims to raise awareness of inclusive practice and the support available for disabled students across the University of London and third party institutions.

The Terms of Reference detail the following:

  • IPP’s advisory function when making recommendations for consideration and endorsement by the University of London Worldwide Academic Committee.
  • IPP’s responsibilities concerning the monitoring of and assuring alignment with relevant regulatory frameworks.


The UoLW IPP reports to the University of London Worldwide Academic Committee.

Inclusive Practice Panel

  1. To monitor, review and recommend amendments to University of London Worldwide (UoLW) policies, procedures and practices to the Academic Committee that relate to potential or current disabled students and/or students with specific access requirements in order to ensure that they are not disadvantaged.
  2. To assess the associated implications to the programmes offered through the UoLW, particularly regarding resource and operational processes, of requests and amendments related to disabilities and/or specific access requirements.
  3. To actively promote aspects of the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant statutory obligations, as they relate to students registered through the UoLW, in consultation with the University of London Equality and Diversity Committee where appropriate.
  4. To support the University of London in implementing aspects of the Equality Act 2010 as these relate to its disabled students.
  5. To provide recommendations related to disabilities and/or specific access requirements to organisations that have a formal relationship with the University of London, including but not limited to third party teaching centres and overseas examination authorities, and advise them on good practice.
  6. To raise awareness of Inclusive Practice and disability by means of regular communication with, and the provision of advice to, University of London colleagues, students and third-party institutions.
  7. To solicit, receive and consider feedback from current and potential students and other stakeholders regarding inclusive practice issues, and to propose enhancements where appropriate.
  8. To assist students registered through the UoLW, where necessary and appropriate, who are encountering difficulties gaining suitable support for their studies from external organisations.

Minutes of meetings of the UoLW Inclusive Practice Panel will appear here once they have been confirmed.

Please note: Some papers for consideration by the UoLW Inclusive Practice Panel, and sections of the recorded minutes, may be withheld from publication under the exemptions provided in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

A provisional exemption will be applied in the preparation of the minutes and referenced in the text. In the event of a request being made for information withheld in the published minutes, the University will take the required steps around the exemption, such as carrying out a public interest test, in making its response in accordance with the Act.

Past committee meeting minutes