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University of London Worldwide Quality, Learning and Teaching Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring alignment of policies and procedures relating to learning, teaching and assessment with the relevant University of London and regulatory frameworks in the context of the identified needs of students registered on programmes offered through the University of London Worldwide, and discernible good practice in higher education.


The University of London Worldwide Quality, Learning and Teaching Committee (QLTC) receives reports on monitoring and review of programmes (APPR and PPR), as well as proposals for new or significantly amended programmes.

It also reports on matters which impact on the student lifecycle and quality of the student experience including recruitment, admissions, registration, payments, communication, academic guidance and assessments.

The Terms of Reference detail the following:

  • UoLW QLTC’s delegated authority to approve certain academic and quality assurance matters.
  • UoLW QLTC’s advisory function when making recommendations for consideration and endorsement by the University of London Worldwide Academic Committee.
  • UoLW QLTC’s responsibilities concerning the monitoring of and assuring alignment with relevant regulatory frameworks.


The UoLW QLTC reports to the University of London Worldwide Academic Committee.

Quality, Learning and Teaching Committee

  1. On behalf of Academic Committee, to define, monitor and review UoLW policies and procedures in respect of provision offered through the University of London Worldwide relating to:
    a: student registration
    b: student enrolment in, and completion of, programmes and assessments
    c: the annual and periodic review of academic standards and the quality of the student experience
    d: all other aspects of the student experience.
  2. To evaluate, and make proposals for the enhancement of, the quality of students’ learning opportunities and learning experiences.
  3. To receive reports on the maintenance of standards and the quality of the student experience, for example:
    a: Annual Programme Reports
    b: Periodic Programme Reports
    c: Annual reports on external examiner activities, registration, retention, etc
  4. To define, monitor and review policies governing the approval, review and closure of programmes of study and their constituent modules or courses.
  5. To receive reports on proposals for new programmes, substantial changes to existing academic awards and programmes, and Professional Development Programmes, or closure of existing programmes, and:
    i: to make recommendations to the Academic Committee for endorsement or,
    ii: to identify improvements and enhancements to the proposals prior to recommending endorsement by the Academic Committee or,
    iii: to recommend that the Academic Committee reject the proposals.
  6. To refer to the Academic Committee such matters as the QLTC deems to entail academic standards, quality assurance, or student experience implications which require the attention of Academic Committee in light of its oversight responsibilities.
  7. To receive reports from the Assessment Quality Panel on its activity.

Minutes of meetings of the UoLW Quality, Learning & Teaching Committee will appear here once they have been confirmed.

Please note: Some papers for consideration by the UoLW Quality, Learning and Teaching Committee, and sections of the recorded minutes, may be withheld from publication under the exemptions provided in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

A provisional exemption will be applied in the preparation of the minutes and referenced in the text. In the event of a request being made for information withheld in the published minutes, the University will take the required steps around the exemption, such as carrying out a public interest test, in making its response in accordance with the Act.

Past committee meeting minutes