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Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations

Our Statutes, Ordinances and Regulation set out the rules, conduct and powers of the University. You can find all of the documentation relating to each below.


The Statutes set out the objects and powers of the University, and define the Statutory Officers, the Board of Trustees and the Collegiate Council. The Statutes may only be amended following a process of consultation, and any changes require the approval of the Privy Council.

Statutes documentation



The Ordinances set out, in detail, the rules for the conduct of the university's business. Ordinances can be created or amended by the Board of Trustees.

Ordinance documentation

Central Academic Bodies (ordinance 11)

Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor (ordinances 12-13)

Students (ordinances 14-19)

Annex 1 Policy in Respect of Offences that are also Criminal Offences.

Annex 2 Suspension and Exclusion of Students Pending a Hearing.

Annex 3 Rules Governing Posters, Notices, Temporary Signs, the Distribution of Literature and Communications.

Annex 1 Model Procedure: Student Complaints.

Annex 2 Model Procedure on Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying of Students.


Staff (ordinance 20)

Academic Staff (ordinance 20) [PDF]

  • Annex 1 Constitution of Panels – School of Advanced Study
  • Annex 2 Constitution of Panels – University of London International Academy


The Collegiate Council has responsibility for the academic affairs of the University and make Regulations governing these matters.

Regulations Documentation

University of London Awards

  • Annex 1 Regulations on Academic Dress
  • Annex 2 Procedure for Consideration of Allegations of Irregularity in Relation to University of London Awards
  • Annex 3 Procedure for Consideration of Representations Concerning Decisions of Boards of Examiners.

University of London Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships

Professors and Readers