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University strategy, annual reports and financial statements

Our strategic vision for 2014–19:

To make a unique contribution to learning and research-led scholarship through our unrivalled network of member institutions, our global reach and reputation, and the breadth of our high-quality innovative academic services and infrastructure.

Senate House, Crush Hall
University Strategy 2014-19

Aim 1: deliver academic excellence

Invest in our academic excellence to widen student access through flexible learning and to fulfil an ambitious programme of research promotion and facilitation in the humanities.

Aim 2: provide innovative high-quality academic support and professional services

Develop, augment and commercialise our portfolio of services for the University’s members and the education sector, with the aim to be the “go to” provider of student and academic support services.

Aim 3: property that is valued and relevant

Create a vibrant academic hub, through a property portfolio which balances the needs of the University’s members with maximising income opportunities.

Aim 4: manage a high-performing organisation

Increase our investment in staff development, encourage a common purpose across our diverse activities and enhance our capacity where gaps exist, in order to deliver our plans.

This is a strategy for growth capable of fulfilling our future plans and ambitions, and also evolutionary in that it builds upon our heritage, public benefit mission and existing strengths. These strengths are founded on the distinctive and inter-related mix of academic, service and property activities.

About this Strategy

The University’s aims set out in this Strategy are complementary to that of the federal members, and are integral to a successful Federation whereby members act both independently and together in partnership. The University will support opportunities whereby members can pursue joint ventures on areas of mutual interest.

The Strategy covers the period 2014 to 2019. It is underpinned by specific strategies that encompass the key areas of our work, referenced under each aim, and a more detailed Operating Plan for the central University that will be produced each summer.

The Operating Plan will contain a rolling set of objectives and targets (to be updated annually as required) arising from this Strategy. Given the pace of change, it is inevitable that the University will need to review this Strategy periodically and amend it accordingly, in consultation with its partners and stakeholders.

For further details about the University Strategy please contact Richard Elliott on 020 7862 8005, Planning and Projects Office in the first instance.