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Alumni bursary

Graduates of the University of London can enrol on further courses with a bursary of 10% off your course fees.

Students at an alumni event
Study again with a discount of 10% off your fees on a wide variety of courses.

The bursary is available for most of our courses, including diplomas, certificates, and individual modules.

The only exceptions are the MSc Information Security and any master's courses offered through the CeFiMS and CeDEP departments at SOAS. (But you still qualify for the bursary if you are a graduate of one of these courses.)

The bursary can be used against full course fees and pay-as-you-study options.

How to apply

To receive the alumni bursary:

  1. You apply for the next course or module that you wish to study.
  2. Once you have received an offer letter, contact us for a bursary code to use against your fees.
  3. We verify your eligibility as an alumni of the University of London (distance learning) and issue your code.

Please do not begin registration or make payment until you have received this code.

By accepting the bursary, you understand and agree to the terms and conditions below.

Alumni bursary: further information

Which fees are eligible for discount?

The bursary is 10% off a number of fees charged by the University of London, including registration, undergraduate exam entry, and module fees.

It does not apply to application fees (including accreditation of prior learning), module continuation fees, nor fees that are charged by third parties, such as local teaching support or for sitting exams.

The bursary may apply to undergraduate resit fees but not postgraduate resits.

Can the bursary be applied retroactively?

No. The Bursary is only valid for studies that begin, for Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, in/after the 2016/17 academic year. For Certificates, Diplomas, and Individual Modules, they are only valid for studies that begin in/after the 2017/18 academic year.

It cannot be retroactively applied to studies before these periods.

I qualify for the bursary but would like to pass it on to a family member. Is this possible?

No, the bursary can only be used by the graduate.

Can my bursary be used against fees charged by a teaching institution?

No, the bursary applies only to course fees charged directly by the University (see above). It does not apply to application fees, recognition of prior learning, module continuation fees, or fees charged by local teaching institutions or examination centres.

What must I provide to prove my eligibility?

Your full name, student number, degree and year awarded will be enough for us to confirm your status.

I obtained my degree on-campus at a member institution. Do I qualify for this bursary?

The bursary applies only to University of London graduates (via the International Programmes / External System).

I am an on-campus alumni of Queen Mary University of London would I qualify for the Alumni Bursary?

Yes, you would qualify for the bursary but only for the Global MBA Course. You would not qualify for the bursary to do any of the other courses provided.

Can the bursary be redeemed through on-campus programmes?

No, the bursary applies only to University of London degrees offered via distance learning.

How do I obtain my bursary code?

Please fill in the online form once you have received your offer letter to study a new course.

The following terms and conditions apply to your alumni bursary:

  1. To be eligible for a bursary, you must have completed a bachelor's or master's degree with the University of London via the International Programmes / External System.
  2. The bursary applies to all courses and individual modules except the MSc Information Security and postgraduate courses provided by CeDEP / CeFiMS.
  3. The bursary can be applied against registration, examination entry and module fees. It cannot be applied to application fees, accreditation of prior learning fees, module continuation fees, extension of registration fees, examination centre fees or rechecks, nor against fees charged by recognised teaching institutions. The bursary can be applied to resit fees for undergraduate courses but not postgraduate courses.
  4. The bursary will be applied to your fees upon registration.
  5. Bursaries may be awarded in addition to other scholarships and funding, but cannot be combined with other University of London awards.
  6. Bursaries may be reviewed on an annual basis and cannot be transferred to another individual.
  7. Students awarded a bursary who subsequently withdraw from their course of studies may not apply for the bursary again.
  8. Students who take a break in their studies will remain eligible for the bursary provided that they complete a degree in the permitted timescales and pay any relevant fees.
  9. The bursary is only valid for studies that begin (for master's and bachelor degrees) in, or after, the 2016/17 academic year. For certificates, diplomas, and modules, they are only valid for studies that begin in, or after, the 2017/18 academic year. The bursary cannot be retroactively applied to studies before these periods. You must apply for the bursary before you register – if you register and pay before receiving the bursary then the full fee will apply. Refunds will not be applicable for bursary applications made after your payment has been received.
  10. If you are studying more than one degree concurrently (subject to Programme Director approval) then the bursary may be applied to both degrees.