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Alumni magazine

Our alumni magazine is called WC1E to reflect the first half of our postcode. We like to think it stands for 'World Class in Education'.

Cover of wc1e magazine
Issue 3 (2018) reflects the spirit of the University of London’s ‘Leading Women’ campaign and we also talk to graduates about where their degree has taken them.

Highlights of issue 3 include:

  • Oh Pioneers! Remembering the London Nine.
  • Women’s seat at the table: Are women owning their space and taking their seat at the table?
  • From nine to ten: Celebrating 10 remarkable women working at the University of London.
  • Success from failure: Building success from past failures.

Download issue 3

Highlights of issue 2 include:

  • The power of photography: Laurie Griffiths reflects on a life in photography and the imagenation student photography competition.
  • Coming to our senses: Professor Barry Smith speaks about the work undertaken by the Centre for the Study of the Senses.
  • A formula for life: The journey of acclaimed actor, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who received an honorary doctorate in 2017.
  • Uniting Nations: Chibaula David Silwamba, a University of London graduate from Zambia, speaks about his work for the UN in New York.

Download issue 2

Alumni Magazine, WC1E, 2017 cover
Issue 2 (2017) contains interviews with graduates, the journey of an acclaimed Hollywood actor, and much more!

Highlights of issue 1 include:

  • Legal Eagle. A feature on postgraduate laws student, Marc Ohrendorf, who won a mediation prize in Vienna.
  • Determining world order. Professor Danny Quah asks if the days of a world order led by a single nation state are now over.
  • Shakespeare 400. A feature to commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.
  • Matters 'in' and 'of' the mind: Sri Lankan graduate and attorney Dinusha T. Jayawardene speaks about her battle with mental health disorders.

Download issue 1.

Alumni Magazine, WC1E 2016 cover
Issue 1 (2016) contains a feature on the hidden gems of London, a story of husband and wife graduates, and much more!