Employers: How do I sponsor an employee?

Our graduates emerge ready to pursue high-level careers. If you invest in your employees by sponsoring them to take our courses, you stand to benefit from their knowledge and development.

Discover more about the benefits to sponsoring your employees and how the process works.

Jocelyn Goh, HR Partner, Audit & Assurance at BDO LLP in Singapore shares why her firm likes to employ University of London graduates.

Why sponsor an employee to study with us?

There are many benefits to sponsoring your employees to study our courses:

  • Flexibility: employees can fit their studies around their work. They won't need time away from the workplace.
  • Skills: the organisation benefits immediately from new knowledge and ideas.
  • Potential: our courses allow professionals to use, update and develop their existing qualifications.
  • Motivation: sponsorship can be a great motivator for high-potential employees.

Sponsoring students: how it works

Arranging payment

We want to sponsor employees/students. How do we inform the University of London that we will pay the fees?

You should provide each student with a purchase order or a signed, and authorised, letter on company headed paper outlining the total fees in Sterling Pounds that you want to pay.

The student can then upload this document when they are completing the online registration task and select "Payment by Sponsor".

Can we contribute part of the fees?

Yes. When students register, they are asked to specify either an amount or a percentage of the course fee that a sponsor will be responsible for. The remaining fees are charged directly to the student.

Can you invoice us?

Yes. Students select 'Payment by sponsor' when completing the online registration or examination task.

They then provide a sponsor's details and upload a valid purchase order or sponsor letter confirming the payment of fees.

The purchase order number can be specified on your invoice by request.

Change of circumstances

A student has already paid tuition fees but my organisation will now sponsor them. What are the options?

  1. You can reimburse the student directly for the fees they have already paid to the University of London. (Students can print receipts for payments and submit these to you as evidence.)
  2. Alternatively, if you prefer to submit payment directly to us, we will refund students for any fees they have already paid within 4-6 weeks of your payment.

Responsibility for fees

If a student withdraws from their course, am I (as sponsor) still responsible for their fees?

Yes, you are responsible for any outstanding fees which you have previously agreed to pay on behalf of the student.

Meeting of students sitting around a table in a light classroom
A number of internships and work placements are available - some via the local teaching institutions that support our courses.

What to expect from our graduates

Transferable skills

Our students develop transferable skills (such as critical thinking and problem solving) that are an asset to any employer.

Since many study for their degrees alongside the demands of work and family life, they’re also strong at time-management, working independently, and meeting deadlines.

Proactive and inquisitive

Our students become perceptive and proactive. They discover things for themselves and find out how to succeed.

For example: some of our law graduates have produced a book to help aspiring Malaysian lawyers understand what will be expected from them when they enter the legal industry.

Continuing Professional Development

Individual courses from our degrees can be taken for continuing professional development purposes. These allow your staff to keep up to date with latest developments or to gain specialist knowledge.

Successful study may also count towards the CPD requirements of certain professional bodies.