Refugees and Displaced Persons LLM Scholarships

5 LLM scholarships from the University of London are now available.

Silhouette of a refugee or displaced person
Formally registered refugees or displaced people in Greece can apply for an award to study Master of Laws (LLM)

The University of London has 5 scholarships for the LLM degree for Refugees and Displaced persons living in Greece. The awards are aimed at individuals based in Lesbos and able to benefit from support provided by ConnectionHub.

Refugees and Displaced Persons LLM Scholarships

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for the scholarship offer holders must:

  1. Have an offer for the LLM before we are able to consider your scholarship application.
  2. Be a new student.
  3. Be living in Greece as a documented refugee or displaced person, and able to benefit from the support provided in Lesbos by ConnectionHub.

    How to apply

    1. You must contact ConnectionHub who will assist you with various aspects including suitability and required documentation. ConnectionHub will also support successful applicants in their studies.
    2. Submit a programme application and indicate on the application form that you would like to be considered for the scholarship.
    3. Upload the scholarship application form with your course application.
    4. Upload evidence of your refugee status as well as your qualifications.

    Application deadline

    The deadline is Wednesday 31 March 2021. You must have an offer by this date and have submitted the scholarship application form to be considered.