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CDE Awards

The Centre for Distance Education provides funding, through an annual funding round to support research activities in the University of London and member institutions.

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Teaching and Research Awards

Our Teaching and Research Awards (TRAs) are aimed at supporting original pedagogic research studies that can provide evidence for innovative and effective practice in distance, on-line and technology-enhanced learning, teaching and assessment.

TRAs provide support for research activities that enhance knowledge about, and methods of implementing, distance learning and teaching. They are open to staff throughout the University of London Federation and to CDE Fellows. TRAs have a value of up to £5000.

Successful Teaching and Research Award studies comprise original enquiries that will advance knowledge and improve the student experience in the field of distance and flexible learning and are normally followed by publication.

We made following Teaching and Research Awards in 2018/19: 

Team membersMember institutionProject

Alberto Asquer

Dr Inna Krachkovskaya

 SOASUsing chatbots to improve student progression and achievements in distance learning
Jennie GoldingUCL Institute of EducationMETEA (Mathematics Education to Empower Africa) teacher educator development

Dr Dionisia Tzavara

Dr Ioannis Gkliatkis

Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos

University of Liverpool

University of Hertfordshire

University of London

Exploring students' perceptions about the effectiveness of simulation games in Business and Management Education

Justin O'Brien

Dr Alex Reppel

Royal Holloway, University of London"Can a multi-media, Moodle based critical analysis skills intervention encourage final year undergraduates to engage more deeply with the University of London library's digital learning resources?"


We made following Teaching and Research Awards in 2017/18:

Team membersMember institutionProject

Dr Anna Foss

Rebecca French

Jenny Fogarty

Alexandra Conseil

London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine Development of a Virtual Peer Mentorship Scheme for Public Health MSc Students Undertaking a Research Project via Distance Learning

Daksha Patel

Atrid Leck

London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine Assessment of Value Creation from MOOC Based Learning Towards Global Elimination of Trachoma 2020 (GET 2020)

Dr Kathleen O’Reilly

Anne Tholen

Jenny Fogarty

Dr Anna Foss

Professor Graham Medley

London School of Tropical Hygiene and MedicineSupporting Distance Learning Students’ Needs when Learning 'Quantitative Skills; Application to Modelling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases

Dr Myrrh Domingo

Dr Amos Paran

Dr Andrea Révész

Alessandra Palange

UCL Institute of Education (IoE)

Exploring factors that influence the impact of MOOC learning on participants’ professional practice

The Roger Mills Awards for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

The Roger Mills Award for innovation in learning and teaching is awarded each year to the best completed University of London project related to distance education and e-learning. It is open to members of staff of all kinds throughout the University of London and its constituent institutions.

Submitted byInstitutionTitle
Anna FossLondon School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine Development of an Innovative Alumni Mentorship Scheme for Public Health MSc Students Undertaking a Research Project via Distance Learning
Nicolas MapleSchool of Advanced Study

Students with Diverse Educational Backgrounds: Special Support for Online Learning


Gwyneth HughesUCL Institute of Education (IoE)Design of University of London Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Ros BarberGoldsmithsInnovative Practice: Introduction to Who Wrote Shakespeare, the World's First Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Shakespeare Authorship Question
Dimitrios KoufopoulosUniversity of LondonGlobal MBA Programme Actions/Initiatives from April 2018 to the end of January 2019 (11 month period)


Submitted byInstitutionTitle
Steve BondLSEOpening up LSE to EMFSS Students
Sarah ShermanBLE

Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology 

(Joint winner)

Laura BrammarUniversity of London Careers GroupEmployability Module (PG Cert LTHE)
Helen XanthakiUCLPG Laws
Duncan JacksonBirkbeckOrganizational Psychology and Human Resource Management International Programme
Patricia McKellarUniversity of London Laws

Formative Assessment

(Joint winner)

Florian SteinbergerBirkbeckPhilosophy Programme Seminars
Lynsie ChewUCLIcarus Simulation
Sarah SingerSchool of Advanced StudyFostering an Online Community of Students and Professionals in the Refugee and Forced Migration Field