Assessing MOOC-based learning for global elimination of trachoma

Daksha Patel reports on a session at the RIDE 2019 conference.


Written by Guest blogger: Daksha Patel |

Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that can, if left untreated, eventually lead to blindness. Astrid Leck and Daksha Patel (LSHTM) highlighted the importance of measuring impact from MOOC-based learning in health care using the FutureLearn ‘Eliminating Trachoma’ course as an example.

They presented results from the adapted value creation framework, capturing insights from learners who ranged from field workers in rural locations to stakeholders in charge of global strategy.

MOOC-based learners confidently applied their learning and transformed their overall practice. The dimensions of this framework allowed for insights and case stories demonstrating impact beyond those that can be gained through conventional online surveys.

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