Reflections on the PG Cert Learning and Teaching in HE

Sarah Tarar, Head of Laws at UCL Lahore, reflects on her experience of distance learning while studying the PG Cert Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.

Written by Sarah Tarar |

Sarah Tarar and Simon Askey
"I started seeking solutions to challenging questions about learning generally and my own practice particularly."

Sarah Tarar with Recognised Tutor status award

Currently the Head of Laws at UCL Lahore, I completed my LLB in 2003 through the University of London and have taught various courses over the course of these 16 years including Contract Law, Tort Law, PIL and Company Law.

I recently completed LLM as well as the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education through University of London. My only training as a teacher had been to learn from my teachers, peers, from my successes and my mistakes.  

I took up this course with the view to attain formal training as a teacher but in the beginning I remember wondering what exactly I will be able to learn from this course after having taught for so many years.

However, this proved to be a truly humbling experience. The exposure to such wide literature on learning theories increased my understanding of how to support learning, undertake assessment, provide feedback and introduced me to the world of blended e-learning.

I started reflecting on my own practice as I was asked to make my lesson plans, provide the feedback I gave to my students and post my reflections after having taken a teaching session.

I got over the hesitation and put myself forward to critique by my peers, my tutor and even myself! As I started seeking solutions to challenging questions about learning generally and my own practice particularly, I felt I started developing professionally.  

This course has given me a lot to think about. The best part of this journey was that it was not only through formal teaching but also through interaction with my peers who were from a variety of different backgrounds.

The wealth of knowledge, experience, insights and perspectives I have had access to is unmatchable. I hope this makes a better learner as well as a teacher out of me.

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