Centre for Distance Education Fellows 

Centre for Distance Education Fellows are selected to ensure a wide range of outstanding research, practice and management expertise in distance education and e-learning. 

There are 25 Fellows, led by the Head of the Centre for Distance Education and supported by a team of CDE Fellows in Executive Lead roles with specific areas of responsibility.

Fellows are drawn from the University of London and its member institutions and the wider Higher Education sector. They are appointed through a competitive selection process, initially for three years. Appointments may be extended for additional terms. Executive lead post holders are nominated from within the CDE Fellowship and confirmed via a ballot of Fellows.

Fellows responsibilities:

  • Meet three times a year, forming part of a community of practice.
  • Work with a range of cross disciplinary experts and significant researchers in the area of Distance Learning.
  • Host a significant annual conference - Research in Distance Education (RIDE).
  • Provide regular training and dissemination events.
  • Undertake funded strategic projects, publishable research and activities supported by the University.
  • Engage in programme development, staff development, enhancement and innovation within distance and technology supported learning.
  • Support Governance and QA activity within the University of London.

Appointment process

Currently there are no vacancies to CDE Fellowship.

Executive lead roles

Head of CDE: Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper
    • Appointed by UoL
    • Budget holder, member of UoLW Senior Leadership Team
    • Oversight of CDE Activity, projects, awards, events
    • Represents CDE internally and externally
    • Supported by CDE Administrator

Editor in Chief and lead on Communications: Prof Stephen Brown 
    • Manages Web CDE site development and oversees content
    • Leads the social media and communications campaigns activity
    • Oversees communications schedule

Joint Research and Dissemination Executive Leads: Prof Alan Tait and Prof Stylianos Hatzipanagos 
    • Coordinate CDE Research activity and dissemination
    • Support CDE Fellow research activity
    • Review opportunities for research grant capture
    • Support Visiting Scholar activity
    • Coordinate and oversee major CDE Events including RIDE, Supporting Student Success  conferences

Joint Teaching and Learning Executive Leads: Dr Gwyneth Hughes and Dr David Baume
    • Coordinate CDE Teaching and Learning Activity (projects, capacity building, staff development)
    • Support CDE Fellow Teaching and Learning activity
    • Support Visiting Scholar activity.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars have the opportunity to engage in projects and activities that are mutually agreed with identified intended outcomes. A bespoke programme of activities is developed to support the intended outcomes for the placement. Placements at CDE usually last for between four and six months. The nature of the placement can vary from specific research projects, to skills development. For example, we can support research, applied research, evaluation, capacity building, upskilling, programme/short course development and training.

Visiting Scholars are generally supported by a team of CDE Fellows, led by the Head of the CDE, Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper and supported by our Executive Leads for Research and Dissemination and for Learning and Teaching. Visiting Scholars are housed in the University of London’s iconic Senate House complex, provided with a desk, email account and computer facilities and granted access to our extensive online Library with over 100 million digital items in the collection plus our physical Senate House library.

Regular meetings with the CDE Fellows and other UoL experts ensures that visiting scholars have the opportunity to present their initial research/project plans for peer review. Projects and research activities are fully supported by staff at the University of London who can, for example, provide opportunities for hands on activities in our recording studios and editing suites, or with technical workshops to support enhanced digital skills in virtual learning environment creation and development.
Read more about recent visiting scholars, download the leaflet for more information or for an initial discussion about visiting scholar opportunities contact:
Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper
Director of Strategic Projects
Head of Centre for Distance Education
University of London