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Centre for Distance Education Fellows are selected to ensure a wide range of outstanding research, practice and management expertise in distance education and e-learning. 

There are 26 Fellows, led by the Head of the Centre for Distance Education and supported by an academic Chair appointed among the Fellows. Fellows are drawn from the University of London and its member institutions and the wider Higher Education sector. They are appointed through a competitive selection process, initially for three years. Appointments may be extended for additional terms. The Chair is rotated on a three-year term. Dr Ayona Silva-Fletcher is the current Chair.


  • Meet three times a year, forming part of a community of practice.
  • Work with a range of cross disciplinary experts and significant researchers in the area of Distance Learning.
  • Host a significant annual conference - Research in Distance Education (RIDE).
  • Provide regular training and dissemination events.
  • Undertake funded strategic projects, publishable research and activities supported by the University.
  • Engage in programme development, staff development, enhancement and innovation within distance and technology supported learning.
  • Support Governance and QA activity within the University of London.

Appointment process

Currently there are no vacancies to CDE Fellowship.