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Comparative Literature and Culture Taster - QM9457

Queen Mary University of London

Are you interested in studying literature from around the world? In how texts, myths and ideas travel across time and space? If so, Comparative Literature is the degree for you! Comparative Literature recognises that we live in an increasingly globalized world, where cultural forms can better be understood if we think about them globally. Only in departments of Comparative Literature is it possible to do a course on the novel that ranges from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries, and includes examples from England, France, Spain, Russia, India, China, Argentina and Nigeria. On this taster course, you’ll learn more about the modules we offer (ranging from the global short story to climate change) and about the questions that comparatists are interested in: for example – how has the idea of the hero changed since the time of Homer? What cultural and historical shifts made it possible for our heroes to change from Odysseus, the cunning, triumphant and virile protagonist of Homer’s epic, to the hero of Joyce’s Ulysses, an ordinary middle-aged man whose wife cheats on him? You will also get a chance to meet our students, who’ll tell you what it’s like to study and live in London’s vibrant East End, and hear about the careers that our graduates have gone on to pursue. Students with no language qualifications and students with knowledge of a foreign language are equally welcome!


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Comparative Literature and Culture Taster at Queen Mary University of London