Advanced research methods in psychology and criminology

This module provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the research methods and strategies used in the social sciences.

You must also be competent in your ability to collect qualitative and quantitative data, and to conduct a broad range of research analyses when undertaking empirical research to answer novel research questions.

You must also understand the distinctive approaches of methods in psychology and criminology and be able to analyse, communicate, and evaluate a broad range of research methodologies. This module aims to provide the skills that students need to undertake their own independent research.

Main topics include

  • Descriptive statistics/Hypothesis testing
  • The General Linear Model
  • Inferential parametric statistics (e.g., Z, t, r, & F) & parametric assumptions
  • Research ethics/Sampling methods
  • Designing qualitative research/Document analysis
  • Qualitative interviewing & focus groups.


Coursework (100%)