Analysing survey and population data


To introduce students to the analysis of large, population-based datasets, including cross-sectional and retrospective household surveys, panel and cohort studies, censuses, sample registration schemes and surveillance data.

It is an elective module for the PG Diploma and MSc Demography & Health.


15 [150 hours]


This module will be assessed by a written examination (70%) and an assessed assignment (30%). The assessed assignments must be passed with a minimum grade point of 1. The minimum overall module pass grade will be GPA of 2.0 but a GPA of between 1.0 – 1.99 may be compensated by higher grades in the other elective modules (only one elective module may be compensated in this way).

If you fail the module overall, you are allowed one further attempt at the failed element (assignment or examination).

For full information regarding this module please see the module specification.