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Christian doctrine

Level 5 - DT2135

This course is for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of key Christian beliefs and the study of Christian 'theo-logy', that is, how Christians 'speak' about God.

The course builds on theological ideas about the nature of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of a Trinitarian God, and the salvation of humankind, drawing on key theological discussions and their developments.


In order to take this course, you must already have passed Reading the New Testament or Introduction to the New Testament at Level 4.

Topics covered

  • Method in Christian theology


  • The 'historical Jesus' vs the 'Christ'
  • The incarnation
  • The Hypostatic Union


  • The Trinity as love and self-gift
  • Persons and relations
  • The processions and the relation to creatures


  • 'The Paschal Mystery': Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection
  • Justification and salvation: how the 'work' of Jesus is applied to human beings
  • Consummation: rising from the dead


A two thousand word essay (40%) and a 1.5-hour seen written examination (60%).