Economics for managers

Available to study from October 2022.

This module provides a background in the basic concepts of economic theory used in business and management.

The module assesses the macroeconomic and microeconomic environment for business and management, taking consideration of gains from specialisation, gains from trade, market demand, factors affecting firms, cost, profit maximisation, competition in different types of market, basic game concepts, the role of fiscal and monetary policy, exchange rates and the balance of payments. Case studies will be widely used. 

Topics covered

  • Consumers in the marketplace 
  • Firms in the marketplace 
  • Markets in action 
  • Market structure and firm performance 
  • Strategic rivalry 
  • Introduction to macroeconomics 
  • Exchange rates and the balance of payments 
  • Fiscal and monetary policy 
  • Inflation, output and economic policy 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • assess how the domestic and international environment affects business and management.
  • understand the workings of different markets. 
  • analyse key strategies used by business enterprises for profit maximisation.
  • apply a range of theoretical concepts in economics in study for other modules. 


  • Unseen end of term online examination (100%)