Economics politics and society in South America

This module provides an advanced introduction to the central issues of global diplomacy as related to South America. 

This module provides you with an interdisciplinary social science foundation to the study of the South America pathway. By engaging with a series of key debates related to economic, political and social change, you will gain an understanding of the underlying processes which are shaping societies, polities, and economies in the region. The module aims to provide a foundation to the complexities of Central and South America and unpack at least some of the key issues to help you navigate your way as a diplomat working in the region. 

Topics covered

  • What Constitutes ‘South America’? Conceptual, Spatial and Temporal 
  • Colonial Influence and Legacies
  • Religion and Nationalisms
  • Structures and Values of South America  
  • Security and Conflict in the Region 
  • Legal Practices and Human Rights 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an in-depth critical understanding of the nature of South America’s diplomacy and politics 
  • demonstrate a sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches and tools to debates in South America’s diplomacy and politics
  • demonstrate detailed knowledge of issues in South America’s diplomacy and politics in historical and contemporary contexts with implications for global policy and governance developments
  • show a clear understanding of the diplomatic and political landscape in South America, by showing a command of the reading in both formative and summative assessments 


  • E-tivity 1 – Access and Socialisation 0%
  • E-tivity 2 – Library Information retrieval 5%
  • E-tivity 3 – Literature critique (directed) 5%
  • E-tivity 4 – Essay Proposal 15%
  • E-tivity 5 – Literature critique (bespoke) 5%
  • E-tivity 6 – An essay to be electronically submitted as final assessment 70%