Economics, Politics and Society in South Asia


The module will introduce students to the complexities of the region and unpack at least some of the key issues to help them navigate their way as diplomats working in the region.

Topics covered

This module provides students wilth an interdisciplinary social science foundation to the study of the region of South Asia. By engaging with a series of key debates related to economic, political and social change, they will gain an understanding of the underlying processes which are shaping societies, polities, and economies in the region. The module will provide students with an overview of the key topics that diplomats in South Asia need to be acquainted with, for example security and diplomacy in the region, modern history and the effects of colonization, gender, religion, caste and political economy among others. The readings in the module include a mix of seminal articles/work by academics as well as more contemporary policy papers, media reports and academic articles.


  • Five written online activities (30% of the module mark)
  • 5,000 word essay (70%)