Innovation: management and policy

Available to study from July 2022.

This module provides a thorough understanding of the central issues of managing innovation in firms as well innovation policy and its implications for firms in an international context.  

The module covers the following three key areas: 

Innovation and knowledge: The importance of innovation, definitions and models, main concepts and analytical tools, the interaction of technology, markets and organisations, the innovating firm in its environment, knowledge as a business resource. 

Strategic management of innovation: Corporate competencies for innovation, innovation in technology-intensive industries, collaborative arrangements, patents strategy, multinational company networks. 

Innovation policy: The economic foundations of technology and innovation policy, innovation policy in a globalising economy, intellectual property rights, innovation systems. 

Topics covered

  • Models of innovation  
  • Innovation strategy in technology intensive industries 
  • Technology strategy and collaborative arrangements  
  • Innovation and communities  
  • Intellectual property rights  
  • Innovation and multinational company networks  
  • Technology and innovation policy: rationale and implications  
  • Corporate competencies for innovation 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • understand key issues involved in managing innovation in firms. 
  • understand the rationale and development of technology and innovation policy. 
  • understand the effects of international property rights. 
  • understand the impact of innovation on communities.  


  • Unseen written end of term online examination (100%) 

Entry requirements 

To qualify to register for a stand-alone individual module, applicants will need:  

  • Either, a bachelor’s degree which is considered at least comparable to a UK second class honours degree from an institution acceptable to the University;  
  • Or, a minimum of two years’ work experience in a relevant field. This will most commonly be in a management position but each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.