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Interaction design CO3348

This course examines the notion of 'interaction with technology' with a focus on the design concepts of modern user experience design and production.

Pre-requisites / co-requisites

This course cannot be taken with withdrawn course CO3315.

Topics covered

  • It begins with a grounding in the specification, design, prototyping and evaluation of advanced interactive systems, with an introduction to HCI and a short history of the field.
  • An overview of design approaches follows.
  • Human/user attributes and requirements, and interaction paradigms, looks at the human in HCI and available types of interaction.
  • Usability requirements/usability engineering are discussed in the context of a number of specific design approaches and techniques, requirements and issues.
  • Design guidelines and standards, accessibility requirements, and issues involved in designing for specific populations (globalization and internationalism) follows.
  • Finally, information on current interaction design questions and approaches for new and emerging technologies and paradigms provides an exposition of real-world applications and sectors where Interaction Design is relevant.


One 2 ¼-hour unseen written examination and coursework.

Sample study materials