International management of mega projects


This module provides you with a clear understanding of the international management of mega projects.

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. The size of the project can often add to the complexity and larger projects are often more strategic in nature.

This module seeks to focus on strategic infrastructure projects using case studies and real world examples to identify the challenges and trends of project delivery.

This module also focuses on the international nature of projects including the impact on jurisdictional frameworks, role of public and private sectors and a strategic view of the key drivers which impact of the project in the planning and appraisal stages.

Main topics of the module include:

  • Infrastructure sectoral definitions and classifications globally
  • Mega projects as an asset class, portfolio investment, and rationale
  • Business strategy and the business case; translating visions to reality
  • Programme and project management, project assembly
  • Structuring a programme; cost and environmental benefits
  • Stakeholder management for larger portfolios.


Multiple choice question test (25%)
Coursework (75%)