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Strategic project in law

This module is a capstone project involving the development of business research skills and their application to real world business-related problems.

Core to the project is the requirement for students to acquire an underpinning in research methodology, applying research skills to the collection and analysis of information within a business-related scenario.

This involves identifying and analysing information in relation to legal challenges in business, researching alternative solutions, and applying a judgement based on assessment of the evidence.

Learning outcomes

If you complete the course successfully, you should be able to:

  • Describe both the practical application and underlying philosophy of research methods within the business studies arena, with a specialist focus on the law sub-discipline
  • Identify appropriate research and enquiry techniques to assess corporate challenges within the wider business, legal and/or socio-political context
  • Synthesise and use information and knowledge effectively
  • Undertake, and communicate the results from, an independent piece of research work
  • Creatively deal with complex corporate problems in a professional capacity
  • Apply theoretical models to real world business solutions
  • Identify, evaluate, and critically appraise alternative solutions to finance problems
  • Tangible work as evidence to themselves and existing/potential employers of capabilities relating to independent research and thinking
  • Research design skills (including development of data collection and analysis strategies)
  • Critical self-reflection applied to business practice and experience
  • Complex problem-solving skills to support corporate decision making
  • Effective communication skills of complex solutions to business related decisions (including effective use of written presentation tools/reports)
  • Effective skills of the use of information technology
  • High personal effectiveness, applying critical self-awareness and personal resource management in the context of a diverse business environment


Pass Mark
The pass mark is 50% for each component of assessment at postgraduate level.

Coursework Item 1: you will complete activities relating to research methods before submitting a research proposal (2000 or 2,500 words) outlining the research question and methods to be adopted – 30%.

Coursework Item 2: a dissertation of 8,000 words in length (maximum) - 70%.

In parallel, students undertake a large scale simulation midway through the Strategic Project from which a 1,000 word reflective statement is submitted along with the 8,000 word dissertation. Participation in the large scale simulation and submission of the reflective statement are compulsory although do not contribute to the overall mark for the Strategic Project.

Essential reading

The following is provided as part of the course materials after you register:

  • Business Research Methods, Bryman, A. and Bell, E., Publisher: Oxford University Press, 3rd edition.(2011)
  • Research Methods for Business Students, Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill, Publisher: Pearson Education, 2009.