The legal and criminal justice context

This module explores the social, legal and political contexts of the criminal justice system.

This module will provide a critical overview of the criminal justice system in England and Wales, with global comparisons where relevant.

It will also consider the social, legal and political context of this system and how it may provide a pivotal role for the offender to navigate the criminal justice system.

The module will reflect on how the state, society and the private sector assists this system of regulation. Case studies will be used to highlight the practical application of key criminal justice problems and students will complete the module with an effective understanding of policy, relevant associated legal frameworks, input from psychology and the underpinning theoretical frames of reference.

Main topics include

  • Introduction and overview: chaos, system, systems
  • Modern policing - local battles, national wars and global challenges
  • The courts: their function and operation
  • Psychological experts and other key players and their contribution to a ‘system’
  • Prisons: allocation, functioning and monitoring
  • Parole and probation: psychological decision-making & offender supervision.


Online examination (100%)