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Marketing communications

Available to study from April 2022

It is critical that resources allocated to marketing communication tools are used effectively. In order to achieve this, a thorough understanding is required of the Marketing Communications strategic planning process.

This module is designed to provide students with a framework for understanding marketing communications at a strategic level within various contexts. The module discusses Marketing Communications as an evolving category of social communication within a convergent media landscape and reflects upon its impact on the triple bottom line. The module takes a multi-disciplinary approach drawing on socio-cultural, psychological and anthropological perspectives.

Topics covered

Main topics of the module include:

  • Introduction to Marketing Communications and evolving aspects of the Marketing Communications
  • Theorizing Marketing Communications: the communication process
  • Marketing Communications and the brand
  • Marketing Communications planning, creativity and strategies
  • Non-traditional Marketing Communications techniques (e.g. product placement, branded content, native advertising, ambient media, and so on)
  • Marketing Communications and media strategy
  • Marketing Communications and ethics
  • International and cross-cultural Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Communications and Web 2.0
  • Marketing Communications and consumer research

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to: 

  • understand how Marketing Communications campaigns are created, consumed, understood and interpreted;
  • use appropriate communication frameworks, concepts and theories to analyse the meaning of Marketing Communications campaigns;;
  • recognise and evaluate elements of successful Marketing Communications;
  • critically evaluate the social implications of Marketing Communications practices;
  • appreciate the role of consumer research in the development of Marketing Communications. 
  • analyse any advertising or promotional messages of their choice.


Coursework (30% weighting) - An essay of up to 2,000 words based on any advertisements or promotional campaigns of their choice. 

Examination (70% weighting) - An unseen written examination of 2 hour-duration.