Pre-requisites / co-requisites

Before you can register for Petroleum Systems PGM651 you must have attempted PGM151, PGM251, PGM351 and PGM451 and must be registered for or have completed PGM551.

Topics covered

The module comprises four week-long courses. The first week introduces the concept of petroleum systems, and places particular emphasis on understanding source rocks and hydrocarbon generation in the context of basin evolution. The second week moves to the analysis of individual prospects, looking at seals, trap formation, play analysis, prospect risking and economic analysis. The final two weeks give students (working in teams) the opportunity to apply these concepts to case studies based on industry data – first of all in a series of shorter practical exercises looking at petroleum systems in a number of different tectonic settings and finally through a more in-depth analysis of individual data sets.

The Petroleum Systems module includes fieldwork. This involves 10-14 days of fieldwork incorporating group work and academic lectures. The fieldtrip usually takes place in April or May.


One two-hour unseen written paper (80%) and one or more individual coursework exercises (20%).