Principles of livestock production


This module will enable the student to understand how feeding, breeding, management and interaction with the environment influence animal production and disease.

Topics covered

  • General principles of nutrition
  • Specialised areas of nutrition. Students will select three of the following options: − Feeding dairy cows − Feeding dual purpose, beef and draught cattle − Feeding sheep and goats − Pig nutrition − Poultry nutrition
  • Nutrition of horses, camelids and rabbits. In all the above cases, consideration will be given to the different resources available in temperate and tropical/subtropical regions.
  • Environmental studies, including climatic effects and housing
  • Genetics
  • The physiology of growth and lactation; the relevance of reproduction on livestock production


Your work for this module will be assessed by means of a three-hour unseen written examination paper which will take the form of essay questions. In addition, you must submit at least one and up to three TMAs.