Project Management

Available to study from 2020

This module will enable you to understand the concepts and the analytical skills underpinning effective project management as well as considering the risks and uncertainties to be mitigated.

You will learn how to use and apply the tools of project management at operational, strategic and systems level across a range of projects that could be encountered in your workplace. You will recognise the soft skills necessary for success, such as managing the needs of different stakeholders, working leading teams.


15 Credits


Coursework (30% weighting) - The coursework assessment will be based and a 2500 word report. Using the concepts, tools and techniques of this module you are asked to compare and contrast the project management strategies and processes used by a company of your choice through primary evidence in the service or manufacturing sector.

Examination (70% weighting) - A two-hour unseen written examination including multiple-choice and essay-type questions. The questions will be based on the topics covered in the module and through the assigned readings.

Pass Mark - To pass this module you must get a mark of at least 50% in each element of assessment, subject to the application of rules for compensation. Please see the programme regulations for more information.