Project module - Global Environment and Sustainability

This module allows students to pursue an area of knowledge in depth, to develop research and data analysis skills and their skills as independent learners.

The module provides an opportunity for students to design and execute a substantial piece of independent research, learning about a relevant topic in depth. It enable students to synthesize and evaluate materials and skills from across other modules studied, and support the development of independent learning and time management skills. 

Topics covered

Students will pursue a research project on a topic of their own selection relevant to the aims of the programme. They will be provided with additional learning materials to reinforce their development of research and writing skills introduced in previous modules: 

  • Reviewing literature and identifying research topics
  • Developing a research proposal
  • Selecting and evaluating methods
  • Using qualitative research methods
  • Using quantitative research methods 

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • critically evaluate the complex drivers and consequences of global environmental problems for different societal groups, applying academic concepts and theories.
  • develop in-depth knowledge in particular specialist areas of environment and sustainability through designing and executing a substantial independent research project.
  • develop and apply relevant qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills to support conclusions and consider implications for policy and practice.
  • apply critical thinking to evaluate research relating to science or social science aspects of global environmental challenges and their management.
  • use creative thinking skills to evaluate and assess a range of options together with the capacity to apply ideas and knowledge to a range of situations.
  • develop effective independent learning skills in terms of time, planning, motivation, and creativity. 


  • Final research project (100%)