Religion and reason

Level 5 - DT2145

The Level 4 module, Religion, Meaning and Value, includes a brief introduction to the philosophy of religion. This Level 5 module provides an opportunity to study the philosophy of religion in greater depth, focusing on arguments for the existence of God, questions about the nature of God, key objections to belief in God, and beliefs about life after death.

Topics covered

  • Cosmological arguments for the existence of God
  • Design arguments for the existence of God
  • Arguments from religious experience
  • Ontological arguments for the existence of God
  • The nature of divine power
  • The nature of divine wisdom
  • Divine action: miracles and petitionary prayer
  • An objection to belief in God: The problem of evil
  • An objection to belief in God: The problem of religious diversity
  • Life, death and hope


Forum participation (10%); a two thousand word essay (40%) and a 1.5-hour seen written examination (50%).

Tutor in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Dr Sarah Pawlett Jackson: Divinity tutor

Dr Sarah Pawlett-Jackson

Sarah Pawlett Jackson completed her PhD in Philosophy in January 2020. Her research interests are in intersubjectivity, social cognition, phenomenology, ethics and philosophy of religion. Her doctoral research focused on intersubjectivity beyond the self-other dyad. She has lectured and tutored at a number of Higher Education Institutions, including Heythrop College, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and the University of Roehampton. She is currently a Tutor at St Mellitus College.