Research project - human resource management


Overall this module provides an opportunity to learn how to conduct research in an organisational or occupational setting and allows you to develop a deeper level of knowledge on a topic of your choice than is possible on the taught courses in the MSc.

This module will provide the opportunity to confront organisational policy and practice with research and theory

Topics covered

Throughout the whole of your MSc course you will be learning research methods and working towards your research project. We encourage students to identify research questions at work that interest them early in the course and many students work on projects within their own organizations. This is your opportunity to develop expertise in a specific area of interest and possibly even publish.

You will prepare a research proposal for your MSc project (submission 13 January). Research methods conferences support the development of your proposal.

On the basis of your proposal topic you will be assigned a Project Advisor to give feedback on your proposal and support your research. You will work with them to submit a research paper by 31 August in the year of submission.


Research Proposal (25%) and a 10,000 word scientific report (75%).