Pre-requisites / co-requisites

Before you can register for Reservoir geoscience PGM551 you must have attempted Geophysical analysis PGM251.

Topics covered

The module has three parts. The first two are primarily concerned with the qualitative and quantitative interpretation of data obtained from commonly used well logging techniques (gamma ray, calliper, SP, sonic, density, neutron, resistivity, dip meter and image logs tools) and their use to determine the lithological and petrophysical characteristics of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The third involves the study of rock physics and rock mechanics, the former to integrate well log data with seismic data to study the geophysical characterisation of reservoirs using AVO and seismic inversion techniques, as well as the modelling of potential AVO responses.


One two-hour unseen written paper (80%) and one or more individual coursework exercises (20%).