Urban History and Culture


MA in Urban History and Culture provides an unparalleled opportunity to study the social, political, cultural and economic development of two great world cities: Paris and London. It is offered in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London's School of History and School of Geography and can be taken as a split-site programme.

MA in Urban History and Culture
An opportunity to gain an international perspective and strong inter-cultural understanding as well as an ability to assess the contours of cultural difference.

Through the comparative experience of two of the great urban laboratories of the Western world, Paris and London, you will explore the development of urban topography and planning through site visits and analysis, using a primarily bifocal approach to the growth of city living and management, and how that has shaped the fabric of the world.

With the programme's split-site delivery, this course enables students to expand these comparative insights towards a broader engagement with urban history and culture, and the challenges cities face today. 

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