Committees: student membership

Committees influence the overall direction of University policy. Most of our committees and sub-committees feature student members who enjoy full membership status and voting rights. Student membership of committees normally lasts one academic year, and is renewable for up to a maximum of two years.

Student group working in different ways
Most of our committees and sub-committees feature student members who enjoy full membership status and voting rights.

Committee members come from the University of London and our member institutions, the wider higher education sector, and the student body. Committees review current policies and practices, and consider proposals for modification and change.

The application and appointment process for student members of committees takes place every July and August. All committee meetings are held in central London. The University pays for the travel expenses of its student members. To ensure that these costs, which are paid for from your tuition fees, are managed carefully we welcome applications from students who live a commutable distance from London and able to travel to London in a convenient and cost-effective way.

Students have the opportunity to contribute to discussion and decision-making across a number of areas including the student lifecycle, learning, teaching, assessment, and technology.

In this role, you would also be appointed to the Student Voice Group (SVG), which meets four times a year to discuss issues concerning student engagement and the student experience.

Read reflections by student members of our committees on the Official Student Blog.

Committees and Sub-Committees with student members

Name What it does Student members Reports to

Board of the University of London Worldwide (BUoLW)

Considers, approves and keeps under review the strategic plan for the University, monitoring performance against planned operational targets. 1 Collegiate Council
University of London Worldwide Academic Committee (ULWAC) Determines our overall academic policy. 2 BUoLW
Quality, Learning and Teaching Committee (QLTC) Ensures alignment of learning, teaching and assessment policy with regulatory frameworks. Delegated authority for some academic and quality assurance matters. 2 ULWAC
Inclusive Practice Panel Responsible for our policies and procedures relating to inclusive practice and accessibility. 2 ULWAC
Laws Programme Board (LPB) Oversight of the academic management of Undergraduate Laws and responsibility for operational matters relating to annual programme goals. 1 ULWAC
Teaching and Learning Environment (TLE) panel Reviews learning and teaching matters relating to Undergraduate Laws, specifically relating to learning resources, academic guidance and feedback 1 LPB
Programmes Board Oversees the implementation of policy, regulatory and quality frameworks for programmes where the academic direction derives from the University of London or an organisation outside our network of Member Institutions. 2 ULWAC