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Committees influence the overall direction of University policy. Most of our committees and sub-committees feature student members who enjoy full membership status and voting rights. Student membership of committees normally lasts one academic year, and is renewable for up to a maximum of two years.

Student group working in different ways
Most of our committees and sub-committees feature student members who enjoy full membership status and voting rights.

Committee members come from the University of London and our member institutions, the wider higher education sector, and the student body. Committees review current policies and practices, and consider proposals for modification and change.

Papers and minutes from most committee meetings are published on our website, making them available not just to committee members but to all students and other stakeholders. You can find these in our Central University administration section.

The application and appointment process for student members of committees takes place every July and August. All committee meetings are held in central London. The University pays for the travel expenses of its student members. To ensure that these costs, which are paid for from your tuition fees, are managed carefully we welcome applications from students who live a commutable distance from London and able to travel to London in a convenient and cost-effective way.

Read reflections by student members of our committees on the Official Student Blog.

Committees and Sub-Committees with student members

NameWhat it doesStudent membersReports to

Board of the University of London International Academy (BULIA)

Considers, approves and keeps under review the strategic plan for the University of London International Academy, monitoring performance against planned operational targets.1Collegiate Council
University of London Worldwide Academic Committee (ULIAAC)Determines the overall academic policy for the International Programmes.2BULIA
Learning, Teaching and Assessment Sub-Committee (LTAS)Develops and reviews policies and procedures relating to learning, teaching and assessment in the context of the needs of students and good practice in higher education.2ULIAAC
Quality Assurance and Student Lifecycle sub-committee (QASL)Reports on matters which impact on the student lifecycle and quality of the student experience including recruitment, admissions, registration, payments, communication, academic guidance and examinations.2ULIAAC
Systems and Technologies Sub-Committee (STSC)Makes recommendations and advises on the ways that technology impacts the student experience, including the learning environment and education resources.2ULIAAC
Laws Programme BoardConsiders academic direction, development, management and review of the Undergraduate Laws Programme including strategies for teaching and learning.1ULIAAC
Teaching, Learning and Environment (TLE) Panel, Laws Programme BoardConsiders and recommends policy in relation to developing the teaching and learning environment of the Undergraduate Laws Programme including materials development (print and online), library provision, tutor support and operation of short courses.1Laws Programme Board
Student Voice Group (SVG)Sounding board for student engagement initiatives at the International Programmes. Provides feedback on matters referred to it by other programmes. Membership comprises all the student members listed above, a full member of the QASL, representatives of the University's Student Affairs Team, and any co-opted student members. This year, there is one co-opted student member.14QASL