As a student registered with the University of London, you are governed by the general regulations and the programme regulations for your course.

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Find the general regulations and your programme regulations below.

General regulations

The general regulations cover the rules governing registration and assessment on all programmes. (The exception to this is the International Foundation Programme, which has its own set of regulations)

You must also abide by your programme regulations. These have been developed by the academics responsible for the programme and provide more detailed rules for your course (often reflecting the associated arrangements on campus).

The general regulations also indicate what to expect on completion of your programme of study and, if you are dissatisfied, how to make a complaint.

If you wish to see earlier regulations, these can be viewed in the Student Portal for current students.

Programme Regulations 2021-2022

Foundation and Access

All the files below are in PDF format.

  • Computing and Information Systems/Creative Computing [Work Experience Entry] [available soon]
  • International Foundation Programme [available soon]


All the files below are in PDF format.


All the files below are in PDF format.

  • Agricultural Economics [available soon]
  • Applied Educational Leadership [available soon]
  • Climate Change and Development [available soon]
  • Clinical Trials [available soon]
  • Demography and Health [available soon]
  • Finance (Economic Policy) [available soon]
  • Education [available soon]
  • Educational and Social Research [available soon]
  • Environmental Economics [available soon]
  • Environmental Management [available soon]
  • Epidemiology [available soon]
  • Finance (Banking) [available soon]
  • Finance (Economic Policy) [available soon]
  • Finance (Financial Sector Management) [available soon]

  • Finance (Quantitative Finance) [available soon]

  • Finance and Financial Law [available soon]

  • Financial Sector Management [available soon]

  • Global Corporations and Policy [available soon]
  • Global Diplomacy [available soon]
  • Global Diplomacy: Middle East and North Africa [available soon]
  • Global Diplomacy: South Asia [available soon]
  • Global Energy and Climate Policy [available soon]
  • Global Health Policy [available soon]
  • Global MBA [available soon]
  • Humanitarian [available soon]
  • Infectious Diseases [available soon]
  • Information Security [available soon]
  • International Business [available soon]
  • International Business Administration [available soon]

  • International Management [available soon]

  • Laws - LLM [available soon]

  • Livestock Health and Production [available soon]

  • Managing Rural Development [available soon]
  • Muslim Minorities in a Global Context [available soon]
  • Petroleum Geoscience [available soon]
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance [available soon]
  • Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice [available soon]
  • Public Financial Management [available soon]

  • Public Health [available soon]

  • Public Management [available soon]

  • Public Policy and Management [available soon]

  • Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics
  • Sustainable Development (New programme) [available soon]
  • Sustainable Development (Old programme) [available soon]
  • Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health [available soon]

Programme Regulations 2020-2021

Foundation and Access

All files are in PDF format.


Programme Regulations 2019-2020