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East European Languages Taster Day - UC18903


Come and visit us at UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (UCL, SSEES) for a taste of linguistic and cultural diversity of Central and Eastern Europe! You will have an opportunity to explore and compare languages and cultures of Eastern Europe and learn about more than a century long tradition of language and culture teaching at SSEES.

This year the East European Languages taster will include tasters in the following languages: Bulgarian, Estonian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian/Croatian, Slovene and Ukrainian.

The day will start with a welcome and introduction. We will have three sessions before lunch and four afterwards. We will round off with a quiz and you will have an opportunity to explore the SSEES building, SSEES history, SSEES library and also talk to our current students.

We will have a plenary session at the very end about learning languages and employability.

East European Languages Taster Day at UCL