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ACCA Singapore Workshop: learning through simulations

Please note: This workshop is for ACCA members only.

This hands-on practical workshop promotes development and awareness of the inter-connected thinking processes required of today's managers and business owners. Competitive economic environments require us to think critically, to collaborate and not be afraid of our creativity when it comes to strategic planning. 

This business simulation facilitates the process of identifying, evaluating and assessing our target objectives within our business contexts, and implementing our chosen route to achieving/exceeding those targets. It will also help to develop your cognitive and communicative skills as part of a team as you take on an airport that is in need of a strategic change. 

Immersive learning rewards those who fully embrace their experiences - get ready to 'take off' on your journey to continuous professional and personal development. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Think critically and creatively in identifying, evaluating, and critically appraising alternative solutions to business problems
  • Synthesise and use information and knowledge effectively
  • Development of skills used in effective collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Development of high personal effectiveness, applying critical self-awareness and personal resource management in the context of diverse business environments.


Ms Lynsie Chew
Senior Teaching Fellow and Programme Director (MSc Professional Accountancy, University of London)
UCL School of Management, UCL

Professor Alan Parkinson
Deputy Director (Education) and Professorial Teaching Fellow in Accounting
UCL School of Management, UCL

Required equipment 

Each delegate will need to bring his / her own laptop (only Windows, no MacBook) to the workshop. We need a Windows laptop to play the ICARUS simulation as part of the business planning scenario exercises during the workshop. 

Seating capacity

Please note that only 50 seats are available, with around 4 to 5 persons per team. 

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Get ready to 'take off' on your journey to continuous professional and personal development by joining us in Singapore.