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Making Sense of Financial Decision Making

Learn and apply financial theory in practice through an immersive and fun business simulation delivered by leading experts Lynsie Chew and Alan Parkinson. 

Whether you are new to the business world or a middle manager, this unique two-day opportunity will provide you with the experience, the language and the confidence to make a positive impact in your business environment, and become a successful player within your organisation.

You will learn about core financial concepts all managers need to know in order to participate in financial discussions and make financial decisions. We offer you a world class simulated business environment to consolidate your learning and hone your business skills and financial knowledge. You will reinforce your learning through an immersive team activity, managing a vineyard, putting into practice your newly acquired financial acumen as you reflect on the impact of your business decisions.

We take you through from planting the vineyard to marketing and selling wine, with a close eye on meeting your financial objectives and beating the competition. This innovative learning experience is delivered by leading experts in the financial arena from the University of London, Lynsie Chew and Alan Parkinson, both well known for making learning fun and engaging for their students. Through the use of a serious game they will provide you with a memorable learning experience that brings to life the challenges of real businesses.

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Learn and apply financial theory in practice through an immersive and fun business simulation.