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SIM - CEO Dialogue 2020 - Industry 5.0 Seizing Digital Edge In A New Digital Age

Join SIM Global Education virtually for its 2020 CEO Dialogue online event to hear from an international line-up of SIM alumni leaders alongside SIM President and CEO.

Ready or not, Industry 5.0 is here with a new Digital Age. The last Industry 4.0 saw the arrival of automation technologies, IoT and the smart factory. Regardless of industry, this new Digital Age of industrial revolution demands collaboration between increasingly powerful, accurate machinery and the unique creative potential of the human worker.

Accelerated by the global Covid-19 pandemic, Industry 5.0 is about leveraging on robots to help humans work better and faster with IoT, AI, big data. To seize fast-evolving work and career opportunities in Industry 5.0, graduate hires of today need more than academic credentials and soft skills.

What are new competencies required for a digital edge? Where do business and career opportunities in this region lie post-pandemic? Are you digitally ready to seize these opportunities?

Since its inception in 2012, SIM's annual Dialogue event has featured a panel of SIM alumni and SIM's CEO to share their views/insights on key topics trending industry and education. Topics in past years revolved around leadership, innovation, disruption, future economy.