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Sustainable Energy and Behaviour Change webinar

Join the University of London’s Reduce the Juice: Connect team, for the next webinar in our sustainability series – Sustainable Energy and Behaviour Change!

Access to energy is key to human wellbeing and security. But our current global energy system is having disastrous effects on the world’s climate, through the build-up of Greenhouse Gas emissions and the global temperature rise this causes. So how can we reduce our reliance on energy from fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas, and ensure a sustainable, low-carbon energy future for all?  

Join us as we discuss the transition to a sustainable, clean energy system. We’ll cover the role of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and why it’s so important for us to change our energy behaviours, so that more of the energy we rely on can be provided by these sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. We’ll also go through a range of important practical actions we can all take in our daily lives to make sure we’re part of the solution.   
You’ll also find out about how you can take part in our second Reduce the Juice: Connect challenge, and take the next step towards achieving the University of London’s Sustainability Advocate Award! To receive the award and gain formal recognition for your commitment to sustainability, you just need to attend at least three Reduce the Juice: Connect events and take part in at least three challenges this academic year. To find out more, visit, or email:

Sustainable Energy and Behaviour Change webinar
Sustainable Energy and Behaviour Change webinar - Thursday 5th November, 4pm